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The Ecospan Composite Floor System is the ideal solution for your building project. It’s not only competitively priced and of the highest quality, it also offers even more advantages.

A safe, innovative choice, Ecospan helps reduce building costs while offering the benefits of sustainable building materials that qualify for LEED Certification through the U.S. Green Building Council.

Made with 97% recycled steel joists and over 70% recycled steel decking, Ecospan provides open web structural components with a lighter weight composite design that’s ideal for elevated floor construction in commercial / industrial use including metal buildings.


The Shearflex® Fastener

Ecospan's Patented Innovation


The Science of Shearflex

With an average installation time of 3 - 8 seconds per screw, these patented self-drilling, self-tapping connectors are easy and inexpensive to use. Workers install the 2 1/2” or 3” long, 5/16” diameter screws in a uniform pattern using a Vulcraft-provided Shearset Tool. More »