The Shearflex Fastener


The “key” to the whole system, the Ecospan Shearflex fastener not only provides the shear connection between the steel and the concrete, it is also the fastening device for attaching the deck to the steel joists. In one quick motion, two steps are done.

This self drilling, self tapping fastener provides the following benefits:

  • NEW Milled Point improves sharpness and provides consistent quality
  • NEW thread formation improves ease of drilling
  • NEW improved ductility helps improve slip characteristics of the composite system.
Shearflex fastener

This self-tapping, self-drilling, Dual Process heat treated Shearflex Shear connector creates a composite design, allowing for shallow, light weight, longer span joists with greater rigidity; also providing a diaphragm.

Locate and install Shearflex connectors per the Final Plans for Field Use using the Shearset Tool (supplied by Vulcraft) to install. Installation by other means may damage the fastener and its ability to function properly. Reference the diagram below for general Shearflex Fastener installation requirements. Note, for ease of installation, joist top chord size will be no less than 1.5" horizontal angle legs.

Ecospan Shearflex Installation

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