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Ecospan is safe and easy

Improve safety and reduce your construction liability. Ecospan utilizes full sheets of light gauge decking. No short sheets! Easy and inexpensive to install. Attach deck to joists with the Shearflex Fastener and Shearset Tool in a single step.

The Ecospan Composite Floor System by Nucor-Vulcraft is an innovative, simple, effective and economical method of providing all steel, open web structural components for elevated floor construction while incorporating the benefits of lighter weight composite design. Ecospan requires only a nominal 3 inch thick, 3000p.s.i. concrete slab. The open web configuration and 48” o.c. joist spacing allows HVAC and Electrical design flexibility. Ecospan requires no stripping of formwork and no shoring.

Ecospan is erector friendly because it utilizes standard steel joist and deck components known to steel erectors; yet since it is mechanically fastened, lesser skilled labor can easily install it as well.

Ecospan provides a safe working platform and composite action in one easy step by securing full length steel deck sheets to the joists utilizing the patented Shearflex HD Fastener down shear connector, installed with a Shearset installation tool provided by Nucor-Vulcraft. Ecospan has a UL Listed Fire Rating, G-561, for 1, 2 and 3 Hours with gypsum board ceilings. Ecospan’s listing in ULG-229 provides for the use of Acoustical ceiling materials for suspended ceiling applications. In addition, ULG-710 allows for a “spray on” application for commercial and medical projects.

Ecospan has been tested by a renowned acoustical laboratory where the system received an STC (Sound Transmission Class) of 57. In addition, many IIC (Impact Insulation Class) tests were performed with various common flooring materials and in all cases the results exceeded 50, (the IBC Code minimum) when typical sound attenuation materials were utilized.

The Ecospan Composite Floor System by Nucor-Vulcraft utilizes over 89% combined recycled steel materials, (99% on joists, over 70% on decking), produced at our own Nucor Steel mills. This fact assists in allowing buildings utilizing Ecospan to qualify for “Green” building status, an important factor in today’s marketing of residential, educational and commercial facilities. Importantly, Ecospan joist and decking materials are produced at ALL Nucor-Vulcraft facilities throughout the country, putting over 90% of all US cities within 500 miles and reducing costly freight charges.


The Shearflex® Fastener

Ecospan's Patented Innovation


The Science of Shearflex

With an average installation time of 3 - 8 seconds per screw, these patented self-drilling, self-tapping connectors are easy and inexpensive to use. Workers install the 2 1/2” or 3” long, 5/16” diameter screws in a uniform pattern using a Vulcraft-provided Shearset Tool. More »